About ObjDev

ObjDev is a blog written by Cory Bohon, an Apple platform software engineer at MartianCraft, owner of Cocoa App, and writer of how tos at TechRepublic.com (CBS Interactive).

As a cross platform engineer at MartianCraft, he works on a daily basis with quality-discerning clients like Apple, Whole Foods, FOX, Lytro, and with internal products at MartianCraft.

He is also the owner of Cocoa App, a software company that creates niche productivity and utility apps for Apple platforms. Cory fell in love with computers at an early age, and began writing software for the Mac while in high school.

His early software garnered more than a half a million downloads in only a few months, and earned the recognition of podcasters and bloggers.

Since 2008, Cory has been crafting software full time for Apple-only platforms, beginning with the introduction of the iPhone SDK. He calls South Carolina home, and when not writing code, he enjoys spending time collecting old Apple gear, traveling, and being an amateur photographer. He can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and GitHub.