Yoink for iOS

I’ve used Yoink for Mac before, but they recently announced and released a version for iOS 11 that takes advantage of the drag and drop features for iOS on the iPhone and iPad. Yoink for iOS has way more uses on the iPad, however, it is a universal app that works on both iPad and iPhone.

Yoink on iPad and iOS 11
Yoink on iPad and iOS 11

Yoink lets you drag and drop files, text snippets, images, links, and more into the app while it’s in split screen or slide over modes. Think of it like a holding place for items that you need to drag into other apps for use later.

The items dragged into Yoink will stay there until you decide where you want to move the files, text snippets, and more. If you have the Lock selected in the app then files will stay in Yoink until you manually delete them in Edit mode; otherwise if you have the Lock disabled, then when dragging items out of Yoink and into another app the original item will be removed from the Yoink app.

On the iPhone you can add things to the Yoink app manually, but I find myself not getting any value out of Yoink on the phone; the iPad, however is where this app really shines if you’re having to move a lot of files, text, or images around into different apps.

This app really shines with drag and drop on iOS and iPad. You can download Yoink from the App Store.

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