10 Years of iPhone

It’s hard to believe that the iPhone was released 10 years ago today. I can still remember it like it was yesterday, mainly because it was the day that changed my life forever (which sounds funny to say out loud, but let me explain).

In January 2007, Apple announced the iPhone to the world at the Macworld Expo. I was in my junior year of high school and brought my iBook G4 to school in order to watch a live blog of the keynote from MacRumors.com. What transpired that day changed my life, as well as the lives of people around the world.

If you haven’t watched that keynote since 2007, I highly recommend you go back and watch it in its entirety. It was a magical presentation that still leaves me with my jaw on the floor, even though I know what happens.

The iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, a day that was like Christmas in the summer. I woke up early that morning in order to get to my local AT&T store to purchase the $599 8GB model. For a high schooler, this amount of money was hard to come by, and I scraped every penny I could for the 6 months leading up to the launch to afford it – and even though the device was magical, it was rough turning over that much cash at one time. I ended up being the 3rd person to purchase an iPhone in Spartanburg, SC (this was back when the iPhone was only sold at the AT&T and Apple Stores).

With the device in-hand, the first year with it was pretty amazing. I discovered taking photos on a daily basis, being able to browse the web whenever I wanted to, and of course discovered my passion for mobile development (even if it was watered-down web apps at first). Oh, and it was the first experience I had updating a cell phone to get new features over time (this was a marvel of the day, and still is for most Android users).

When the iPhone SDK was announced during my senior year of high school, I immediately delved in, learning all that I could to build some small apps that I would later get on the App Store in late November of 2008. Of course, I had some great mentors along the way (special thanks to Kyle Richter and Ian Baird for helping me learn about and debug iOS apps, and Erica Sadun for answering my non-stop computer science questions that I’m sure were super-annoying).

When the iPhone was released, I had already dabbled in software development on the Mac (writing some small scripts and also Dockables for Mac), but with the advent of the iPhone, my interest in programming blossomed into something bigger.

The iPhone lit a fire for my career while still in high school, setting me up for a college degree in computer science and an awesome job at MartianCraft where I get to work with some of the biggest brands in the world to create apps for the platform that I love. I doubt that I would be in the same career and with the same passion for software that I have if it weren’t for that original iPhone.

So, on this 10th year anniversary, I just want to say “Thanks” to the people at Apple (past and present), my mentors along the way, and of course, to this special, magical device that will always hold a special meaning to me for changing my life forever.

The Objective Developer is a blog written by Cory Bohon