Apple opens App Store pre-orders to all developers

If you’ve been paying attention lately to the App Store, then you know that it offers the ability for select partners to offer apps for pre-order. Famously, the App Store did this with Nintendo’s Super Mario Run.

Now this ability is being opened to all developers. There’s a bit of a process detailed in the iTunes Connect documentation: When you upload your app to be added to the App Store per normal, you’ll see a new option to make the app available for pre-order. The release date can be between 2 and 90 days into the future — no more, no less. Once the app has been approved by the App Store review team, then it will go on sale and be available for pre-order for the set date.

During the pre-order period, you can submit new versions or change pricing and availability. Customers will be charged the price that is lower on the day of release.

This is a pretty nice feature addition to the App Store that will make a lot of developers happy. Hopefully this feature will make it’s way over to the App Store for Mac as well.

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