Ulysses 12

Ulysses is an app that I use on nearly a daily basis to write articles for TechRepublic, write documentation for my programming work, and blog on this website. It has become an indispensable tool on both my iPad and Mac, though it primarily gets used on my iPad Pro.

Today, the developers behind the app released a new version, adding even more tools to this already great app, and improving it’s iOS 11 feature set:

  • Image previews in the editor that automatically get converted to grayscale while writing to prevent distractions.
  • Drag and Drop on iOS 11 means that you can now drag posts around, select and drag text around, and so much more. This is a great new feature to have on the iOS version.
  • The library is the central focus on iOS, just like it has long been on the Mac, letting you swipe to any group, collapse groups, and more.

There’s a few smaller things that you can find in their “What’s New” blog post. If you haven’t before, be sure to give Ulysses a try for a truly great writing and publishing experience on iOS and macOS.

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